Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

High level assessment of flood risk

Using standard vulnerability, hazard and risk definition for flood related phenomena; DHI Group provides simplified integrated method in preliminary flood risk assessment as basic thresholds mechanism for a basin definition of priorities in the flood hazard and flood risk assessments.  The tool is a preliminary resource for flood risk mapping.

In Principal, the application of the tool is consistent with the principles accepted in many countries including currently EU Countries. The first task of implementation of Floods Directive is focused on Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment, which includes assessment of potential adverse consequences for human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity associated with a flood event.

Experts using the tool for supporting decisions making teams in order to prioritize domains of the basin, where more detailed studies are needed and with clearly defined outputs needed for minimizing the risk associated with potential flooding for all stakeholders.  Which leads to improve future flood risk management activities in terms of objectives and measures

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